Frequently Asked Questions

Betaprofitss is a community-based crowdfunding program helping members within its community leverage in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). Members have the opportunity of earning thousands of dollars monthly.

To get started, fill out the registration form using the REFERRAL LINK of your sponsor. If you do not have a SPONSOR, contact SUPPORT (

Check out “How it Works” on the Homepage. This will translate the step by step guide on how you can make money with Betaprofitss

It is impossible to sign up without a sponsor. All registration is done using a referral link of your sponsor.

You can purchase Level 1 – Level 5 in a sequential order while onboard before even attracting referrals. There are no limitations or restrictions on purchasing all levels.

There are no limits to number(s) of referrals you can invite into the Betaprofitss community. The more members you refer with your referral link, the higher chances of filling up your matrix.

These are referrals obtained from your upline efforts which are not directly referred by you but automatically falls into your matrix.

All levels are purchased in a sequential order. You can’t skip a level to purchase the next.

Yes, certainly you can purchase all levels before your referral are positioned in the matrix. This opens more earning opportunities for you.

The system mandates that all participants UPGRADE to the next level the moment they receive two payment(s) in each current level which is equal to the cost of the next level activation. This UPGRADE will be automatically done by the matrix. As a security measure for the longevity of the program, the system is set up to encourage all members to earn from all levels by activating LEVEL 1 through LEVEL 5.

It is possible for you to earn when you have personally not sponsored or invited anyone. There is no guarantee that you will earn if you don’t refer anyone as it only dependent on the activities and effort from your other team members within your matrix if you choose not to personally refer anyone.

An EXPIRED account is an account in VIOLATION. This may be a temporary suspension or a permanent ban from the Betaprofitss community due to this violation. Accounts may be in VIOLATION for abusing the Terms & Conditions of Betaprofitss.

When a participant’s account becomes expired, the participants would not be able receive payments from other members. Such member will automatically be displaced from the matrix.

No, you cannot invite members into the Betaprofitss community on a free membership account. REFERRAL LINKS only become ACTIVE after a new member provides their LEVEL 1 payment.

Yes, Betaprofitss is legal as all transactions and payment(s) and voluntary. Our Peer to Peer program has no hidden charges nor do we withhold or control members payment(s). We are licensed & certified.